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The IDEAS study abroad program in Guatemala is a unique experience that combines rigorous academics with for-credit internships around themes such as development and public health, ethnic relations and human rights, and indigenous and environmental politics. It also includes reflection of current events, top-notch language training for UA credit, and encounters with Guatemalan activists, artists, students and scholars. All courses except Spanish are available to be taken for Honors credit. Honors students must enroll in at least 1 unit of internship credit to be eligible to receive Honors credit. Journalism Program Faculty Lead: Dr. Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante celesteg email. Examine best practices of reporting in different type of news media. Antigua is also one of the most important cultural centers in Central America and a vibrant cosmopolitan city, enriched with the presence of many international visitors. Students stay with host families in Antigua.

Renovations Reveal Rare Maya Murals Hidden in Guatemalan Home

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Guatemalan holdidays are an eclectic mix of Catholic and Mayan traditions. colorful festival that revolves around the town’s church, which dates back to

Wonderful country Guatemala that is located in Central America and considers to be the heart of Mayan civilization. This name comes from the dialect of the indigenous people. In this wonderful part of the world, you will definitely find a very exciting culture. This country is very traditional and the same goes for dating. Dating in Guatemalan culture is not an easy task. It is influenced by many factors, one of them is religion. Two main confessions there are Catholics and Evangelists and country is almost separated when it comes to religion.

It influences their behavior and attitude to other people.

Guatemalan Traditions

As the most populous country in Central America, meeting a man or multiple men to date when you visit Guatemala should not be a challenge. The trick is learning how to date them and what dating culture is like in Guatemala. While Catholicism is the primary faith and has been ever since Spain conquered the country in the s, today, religious faith is fairly even between Catholicism and Evangelicalism.

One reason why evangelical Christianity has grown in the country so rapidly over the last fifty years is because of a stricter and traditional approach in regards to things such as family and alcohol. In the mountainous Western Highlands region of the country, many indigenous people will still follow Mayan religious practices and even use the Mayan calendar. Guatemalans are very traditional people, from closely following their religion to being very family-oriented to also being very hard working in their careers and day-to-day lives.

Traditional attitudes: The Population Council reports that, whilst positive steps have been made in tackling child marriage through legislative changes, there is a​.

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Ethnomycological knowledge among Kaqchikel, indigenous Maya people of Guatemalan Highlands

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Guatemalan women respect their very own traditions and practices lots, however, nobody says they don’t discover how to have exciting. Guatemala is known for.

Some festivals are small and unique to a village, while others are commemorated across the entire country. If you happen to be around during a festival, make plans to see it. They are colorful and festive affairs. The vibrant and diverse cultural heritage of Guatemala makes for some incredible and colorful holidays and festivals. This is further fueled by Guatemala’s religious practices , which are actually a combination of several beliefs and their traditions.

This holiday is celebrated like others in Guatemala — with dancing, music, parades, food, and fireworks. You can also enjoy fiambre during All Saints Day — this is a Guatemalan dish that is typically only eaten during this festival. On this day, families head to the local cemetery to mark the gravestones of departed relatives with candles and flowers. On December 7, Guatemala celebrates one of its more unique holidays — Burning of the Devil. All over Guatemala families take burnable items — including waste paper, old magazines, and trash — and light them on fire in the street.

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Upon arrival, a representative will meet you to transfer you to Antigua, Guatemala approximately a one-hour drive. Founded in the sixteenth century, Antigua is a cosmopolitan destination with a rich colonial past. Its cobblestone streets are lined with pretty, pastel-hued homes. At the heart of town is the central park, a European-style plaza busy with shoe-shiners, ice cream vendors, families, and tourists. During its architectural peak, Antigua was home to dozens of colonial monuments, churches, and monasteries, but an earthquake in damaged or reduced most to rubble.

In the centuries thereafter, efforts were made to rebuild and restore, and the city today is filled with gorgeous and fascinating relics and ruins.

Learn valuable visa and safety information about Guatemala before your trip. are accurately contoured, although many other aspects are now very out of date. ancient Maya religious customs in the indigenous villages of the highlands.

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Bare knuckle boxing at chivarreto guatemala Three hours of fights in front of 5, people in the highlands. The highland town of Chivarreto is the venue for bare-knuckle fights each year on Good Friday. Explanations for the tradition vary, but it makes for a great day out.

Head to the northern city of Quetzaltenango and look for onward transport. Locals get trashed on alcohol before attempting to race horses through town watched by friends, family and a growing number of intrigued tourists. Easter is a big deal in the colonial city of Antigua, where religious processions wind their way through town during Holy Week. The mixture of Mayan and Roman Catholic traditions has left Guatemala a fascinating cultural legacy.

One of the strangest components is Maximon, also known as San Simon, a saint that grants favors in return for cigarettes, alcohol and other gifts left by followers at his altar. While in some parts of the world graves are not to be trodden on or even touched, things are different in Guatemala. Here it is tradition in certain parts of the country to have a party in the cemetery on November 1, drinking and dancing in honor of deceased relatives.

Visitors to Guatemala cannot fail to notice the brightly-patterned traditional dress of the Mayan indigenous community. What is not immediately obvious is that these clothes can tell you where someone is from if you know how to read them; each town and village uses different designs to the next.

Dining for Women: Guatemala

There is an urgent need to train traditional birth attendants TBAs to identify low birth weight infants born at home. It is even more critical that TBAs distinguish between infants that are born prematurely and term infants that are small for gestational age. Many TBAs in low resource countries have limited literacy and training efforts need to be appropriately tailored to meet the needs of women in these settings.

Standardized training of TBAs is imperative to identify vulnerable infants born at home and to formulate appropriate responses, such as timely referral to local health facilities. Here we describe the results of our successful efforts to train limited-literacy TBAs in rural Guatemala to identify preterm infants.

The Centre for Guatemalan Studies (Centro de Estudios de Guatemala, CEG) is arrange a later date for talks aimed at achieving a political solution to the into account the cultural relevance and the ancestral traditions of conflict resolution.

The Mayans were revered for their complex language the only written language among pre-Columbian cultures , their advanced mathematics and architecture, and their astronomical calendar. Today, the Mayan ruins attract thousands of visitors every year. Guatemalan culture is truyly unique. Guatemala gained its independence from Spain in and then faced a series of military and authoritarian rulers.

In , the country experienced a year civil war. Severe violence in the s and 80s ultimately ended with peace, when Maya woman Rigoberta Manchu won the Nobel Peace Prize in Guatemalan culture has been largely influenced over the last decade by the vast amount of people immigrating from Japan, China, Korea, and the Middle East, as well as by the increased movement of Guatemalans to and from the United States.

Catholicism has been very popular in Guatemala ever since Spain conquered the country. However, Evangelical Christianity has been making a big impact over the last several decades. One-third of the population identifies as Protestant. However, ancient Mayan spirituality is still practiced in some regions , especially the mountainous regions. People living in the Western Highlands continue to use the Mayan calendar, which is more closely linked to agricultural cycles in the region.

They also frequently perform costumbre modern Mayan religious practices in caves and ancient archeological sites.

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