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Cats, shares and Parisian cafés: inside the BuzzFeed content machine

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By following that advice, we’re improving upon a practice dating back thousands of years: yoga with adoptable cats and kittens. And they weren’t just Enjoy this fun video from our friends at Buzzfeed! Yoga with cats NKLA.

Buzzfeed has launched a new Books page. You know Buzzfeed — the site is the master of photo-heavy lists that go so viral your great-grandma sends them to you. What can we expect from their new book channel? Here are 13 predictions. There will be lists. There will be Potter. Buzzfeed was weaned on Harry Potter. Rowling having published a novel under a pseudonym. It will take classic works from the public domain and post them in their entirety.

Some things may sound familiar. Put a number on it. Expect life lessons. Buzzfeed has had big success with its heartwarming photo shows; expect more of the same in books.

15 Crazy Facts About BuzzFeed That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

This month one of its journalists was on the ground in Kiev reporting on the crisis in Ukraine, and last December it published an in-depth article on a Chinese dissident living in Harlem, New York. You could just do a smart take or snark on things. I think that is changing. Headquartered in New York, BuzzFeed now has more than journalists, an investigative reporting unit, bureaus in Australia and the United Kingdom, and foreign correspondents in far-flung places like Nairobi and the Middle East.

Its expansion comes amid a wave of investor interest in new media companies that are trying to capitalize on a decade-long wave of job cuts at newspapers, and new technology that has upended how news and advertising are produced and distributed.

“Some editorial content: Andrew Rice, “Does BuzzFeed Know the Secret?,” New Try “10 Date Ideas: Bud Light—Whatever, USA, “10 Date Ideas That’ll Take “’​Dear Kitten’ from Friskies Proves Cats Still Rule the Internet,” Adweek, June

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Beyond cute cats: How BuzzFeed is reinventing itself

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How you measure successful social media content will vary based on your KPIs: Did it reach enough people? Did enough people share it? Did enough people positively comment on it? This is not news to us social media marketers. She brought back a list in true Buzzfeed form of 3 keys to successful, shareable social media content:. They go hand-in-hand, according to Shepard. Take an Internet favorite: Cats. But did you know that videos of dogs and cats are actually almost equally searched for on YouTube?

22 Cat TikToks I Saw This Week That Prove Cats Are Adorable Weirdos

Having spent lots of time in my thirties as a singleton, I’ve heard plenty of well meaning but irritating advice on what I should be doing to find love. Reading Dr Karin … [Read more It may be a while since I left Uni wails but I hope anyone who has lost a friend to Fancy London can identify with this piece I did for Buzzfeed! When I lived in Newcastle a Greggs pasty was my idea of a good feed!

A City Takeaway pizza was the height of sophistication back in sobs.

If you want to achieve buzzfeed dust mask this goal, you must use the the land, and met at the breakfast shop in Cats and Dogs Lane, and then rushed over. Occasionally, one or two nights, when she is not too busy and has no date, she.

BuzzFeed FWD. The joke that you tell about how the Internet is a waste of time if you are the kind of person who makes jokes about how the Internet is a waste of time is always something like, “The only thing the Internet is good for is cat videos and pornography. They would be like, “Why are you watching dog videos? Through various lucky accidents, cat stuff started to permeate Internet culture pretty early on, and dogs often found themselves imitating rather than innovating in the field.

Meanwhile on YouTube always a dangerous way to start a sentence , the story is a little bit more complex. Based on media exposure alone, you’d think that the most popular pet on YouTube would be superstar cat Maru, whose love affair with boxes has garnered him over million video views. But the crown for most popular pet YouTube channel actually goes to Mishka, the Siberian husky who says “I love you.

In fact, Mishka has the No. So if cats aren’t distinguishing themselves at the top of the pack on YouTube, maybe they’re doing better in aggregate? Not exactly. And his analysis is just as damning: “Personal opinion is that cats are overrated as being most popular,” he told me.

Tasty Buzzfeed Recipe Desk Calendar

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of the singles I receive make me want to start hoarding cats in preparation for dying alone, It’s called ” Crazy Blind Date,” and it works like this: You pick a day and then you select a Then BuzzFeed offered to pay me, and a girl’s gotta eat.

In the first post of the series, we had the opportunity to talk with Dan Oshinsky , Director of Newsletters at BuzzFeed , about the inner-workings of their email marketing. BuzzFeed is all about creating stories people want to share—and email is one of the best ways for us to distribute those stories to our audience. Our goal for nearly every email we send is to drive subscribers back to the BuzzFeed site where they can read the content and then share it with their friends and family.

Each email we send contains original content from the BuzzFeed site and we purposely only send a small snippet of each story along with a link to encourage people to click through to the site and read the full article. So any post in the Animals category has a contextual call to action to subscribe to the Animals newsletter in the sidebar. Collectively across all our different emails and all our different subscribe methods, we managed to add over 1 million new subscribers to our list in a year.

The best thing we did in the beginning, was to break our email program down into several types of lists and then let people sign up for them individually from there. From there, we set up separate subscribe opportunities for each list that get shown in different areas of the website. Same thing with Food, or DIY. This makes segmenting our subscribers super easy as readers are self-selecting the content they are interested in.

We plan to continue experimenting with and growing our lists moving forward, mainly by identifying opportunities for emails that our audience would love and then launch them as quickly as possible, seeing how they go and making a decision on them from there. We also have more image-heavy styles for lists like Food, because we know those readers want to see images of the food before clicking through and reading the recipe. Finally, we use more text-heavy styles for long-form content so that readers can really get a feel for the story within the email, and make an informed decision about whether they want to read it or not.

This style would be used for something like our Sunday digest.

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